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Welcome to Goa! The land where the flow of heady feni never ceases and revelry pays no heed to day or night. The land of hectic activity and soporific marijuana calm. The land of warm blazing days and cool soothing nights. The land of wild rave parties and long lazy afternoon siestas. A land also of endless stretches of soft sand, nut-brown friendly people and excited busy bazaars. Goa, mother to seven rivers of the Sahyadri range and full of perfect contradictions.

Visitor Reviews

Viva Goa.Goa is one of the beautiful places in the world for its natural rich, appealing beauty. Well known tourist spot on the world map. Beautiful Greenland, mountains

- Steven

Being a working professional I did not have many days in hand for holidaying. So I had to plan it in such a fashion that I cover it during the weekend, which was just impossible.

- Rechard

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