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Two bridges between Equatorial Guinea and Gabon inaugurated – posted by

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The President of Equatorial Guinea, H.E. Obiang Nguema Masogo and that of Gabon, H.E. Ali Bongo, has inaugurated two new bridges in the Equatorial Guinean cities of Mongomo and Ebebiyin. These two infrastructures, financed by both countries, bring them even closer and integrate them in the region.
Equatorial Guinea and Gabon took an important step in their regional integration. This time, “laying bridges of friendship between two countries” does not remain in pure metaphor, but rather they are real. Two new bridges –which bring Equatorial Guinea and Gabon even closer- were inaugurated in the native city of President Obiang, Mongomo and in Ebebiyin. In the ceremony the Gabonese President, Ali Bongo, was also present.

We recall that these two countries of Central Africa are working on the organization of the African Cup of Nations (CAN), the competition par excellence of African soccer, which will be held at the beginning of 2012.

President Obiang has affirmed that these bridges constitute the proof of the good relations existing between the two countries. In turn, the inaugural ceremony was qualified by the Minister of the Presidency of the Government in Charge of Regional Integration, Baltasar Engonga Edjo, as a step forward in the regional integration of both countries. Engonga Edjo referred to the city of Ebebiyin as the city of integration.

The President of Gabon recalled that both countries share a common past and are called to share many more things; he also referred to the fact that, in a few months, both countries would share the organization of the African Cup.

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