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Trip of the Minister of Health of Equatorial Guinea to Cuba

posted by – October 8th, 2012

Tomas Mecheba Fernandez attended a conference on natural products in cancer therapy.


The conference, held from September 24 to 28, was organized by the business group Labiofam and Natural Products Symposium on Cancer Therapy, in order to strengthen the exchange between specialists from different areas regarding Contemporary Biomedical Sciences.

The Minister of Health and Social Welfare, Tomas Mecheba Fernández, accompanied by Jose Eneme Oyono as Labiofam project manager, attended the Second International Conference Labiofam 2012, and the Second Symposium on Natural Products in Cancer Therapy, held between September 24 and 28 Conference Center in Havana, Cuba. The event was also attended by delegations and guests from other countries.

The conference was organized by Labiofam, a Cuban business research group, which for years has worked with the Government of Equatorial Guinea, and works on traditional medicine and natural products.

During the development of the work, they addressed issues of great interest, such as the Natural Products: an alternative for human health, among which were examined, for example, the potential of the extract from scorpion venom to treat tumors. The Chairman of this conference was Professor Jose Antonio Fraga Castro.

Equatorial Guinea’s Minister of Health and Social Welfare, Tomas Mecheba, actively participated in the closing session, where he expressed his congratulations to all the participants, and his gratitude for being invited: “We have seen and observed an improvement in research in biomedical sciences conducted by doctors, scientific teams and researchers, moved only by a revolutionary vocation and concern for improving the health of their people and mankind in general“, said Mecheba Fernandez in his speech, in which he also recalled the importance of natural products as an “alternative for human health” in many diseases, many of which are the scourge of Africa.

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