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Travel to Equatorial Guinea – Fifa Ben Hamam promises to increase assistance to Africa

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Travel to Equatorial Guinea


MALABO – Mohammed Bin Hammam, president of the Asian Confederation and FIFA presidential candidate, promised on Friday if he is elected, “to increase funding for infrastructure in football in poor countries of Africa.”

  •    Asked in Malabo where he had come to seek the vote of Equatorial Guinea in his favour, Ben Hammam told AFP: “My program for Equatorial Guinea is the same program for Africa in general, I will increase financial support, I will develop infrastructure in football for poor countries in Africa.”   “Today, at Fifa, we give $ 250,000 a year to each federation, what I’m going to make (if elected) to $ 500,000 per year,” he added.

       “There is also the “Goal” Project, a development project in federations,” he added. For the project, the maximum is $ 400,000, I will bring it to $ 1 million for each project.”

       “I think that’s the least I could do at the moment for Africa, but there are many other programs to technical aids such as training of referees, coaches, administrators,” added Mr. Bin Hammam.

       These promises of the President of the Asian Confederation are a response to the comments of Joseph Blatter, president and outgoing only other candidate in the elections of June 1 to Fifa.

       In his letter sent to the 208 field federations comprising the Fifa and of which AFP had a copy, Mr Blatter promised “to implement and strengthen the development programs such as “ Goal,” adding that “Special efforts will be made to accompany the member federations towards professionalization.

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