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The Vice Minister of Agriculture and Forestry welcomes representatives of the company Basile Promobarna – posted by

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From left to right Ramón Fernández,
Gregorio Boho, Osa Mongomo and Juan

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The purpose of the meeting, held at the headquarters of the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry, was to make a cooperation proposal to the Government of Equatorial Guinea, in which the Spanish businessmen offered a range of alternatives for the storage and processing of food products created in Equatorial Guinea by setting up large food preservation plants.

This meeting, among others that were held with the leaders of the agricultural sector, is led by the Government to further develop the agricultural sector in order to promote agriculture, provide food for the population and promote employment in the country.

The Vice Minister Osa Mongomo thanked the Spanish businessmen for their interest in investing in the agricultural sector in Equatorial Guinea and recalled that “before the country’s income came from agriculture, exporting cocoa, coffee, rubber, wood,… The farmers produced quantities that did not supply the national markets, this is why there has been a low level in demand from consumers both domestically and abroad.

And Osa Mongomo continued:

“Currently we are aware that consumer demand has risen considerably, for this reason we created model farms in the major cities and provincial capitals to provide food for the population residing in Equatorial Guinea.”

The Spanish businessmen congratulated the Government for the positive transformation that is taking place nationwide. We must note that Basile Promobarna is a Spanish company that has its headquarters in Barcelona and currently operates in Europe and Latin America. Now it wants to open its doors in Central Africa.

Text and photos: Mansueto Loeri Bomohagasi

Equatorial Guinea’s Press and Information Office (D. G. Base Internet).

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