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The Vice Minister of Agriculture and Forestry on a tour of inspection of farms

posted by – February 9th, 2012

The cultivation of fruits and vegetables
is part of the MAECI to curb

The tour, conducted in the districts and municipalities of Cogo and Ebebiyin, among others, was due to the interest in knowing the development of the activities carried out by the experts of project MAECI and the Equatorial Guinean farmers, and receive firsthand information about the needs that they may have regarding labor, work force and care of the farm to prevent people outside the project from entering in it.

Upon inspection, the Vice Minister of Agriculture and Forestry expressed excitement about the good results of this project, and extended the invitation to the Equatorial Guinean technicians to work and harness the expertise possessed by expatriate experts, so they can continue this work to the benefit of the nation.

The Department of Agriculture and Forestry has drawn up a plan to create modern farms in the country with the cultivation of all kinds of vegetables, herbaceous plants, tubers, plantains, and other products to be supplied in different markets across the country to curb importation.

This action by the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry is included in the program to eradicate poverty and hunger, conceived by the Government of the Republic of Equatorial Guinea.

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