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The President of the Equatorial Guinea attends the anniversary of the revolution of Suriname

posted by – February 27th, 2012

On February 25, H.E. Obiang Nguema Mbasogo attended the thirty-second anniversary of the revolution of Suriname, an act that took place in the Independence Square of Paramaribo and was led by President Désiré Delano Bouterse.



During the ceremony, the Head of State of Equatorial Guinea laid a wreath at the monument honoring the fallen soldiers in the Revolution of the Sergeants, a pronouncement marking the country’s direction after the first five years of independence.

The Surinamese people have welcomed with satisfaction the attendance of the President of the Republic, as the first African Head of State to visit the country in its thirty-seven years of independence and thirty-two since the revolution.

In his speech, Obiang Nguema Mbasogo expressed his deep appreciation to the Surinamese people for the invitation to further highlight the similarities between Suriname and Equatorial Guinea: in addition to being linguistic orphans, both are small States, but rich in resources, with complementary economies and also oil and gas producers struggling to defend and consolidate their independence.

-“Equatorial Guinea is committed to South-South cooperation and we have found a perfect partner in Suriname,” said the President of the Republic.

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