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The President of Equatorial Guinea closed the Congress of the PDGE

posted by – April 24th, 2012

“Rushing is not advisable, everything must be done with caution,” said President Obiang Nguema Mbasogo in his closing of the 5th National Congress of Democratic Party of Equatorial Guinea, referring to the pending changes planned within the Constitutional Reform.


During his speech at the end of the Congress in which he was once again chosen as a candidate for another term, the President expressed his satisfaction and optimism about “the faith of our membership and its support for the ideology and political thought of the PDGE.”

The Head of State praised the good organization of the event, the contributions made and, in particular, he referred to the statements made by the women: “The equality claimed by women in Equatorial Guinea is not to have confrontations with men, but on the contrary, to contribute more as a partner and companion,” said the President, who stressed the need to work on all aspects that the participants of the special session of women had highlighted as major problems.

He also thanked the trust that had been placed once again upon him, and said that, as always, he would respond with the greatest responsibility “because I will never disappoint your trust.”

-“Equatorial Guinea is a sovereign country that belongs only to our children and our heirs’ struggle is to defend this peace and sovereignty,”continued Obiang Nguema Mbasogo, who spoke about the reforms to be implemented soon in the country, “there are trends that evoke an urgent implementation of these reforms. But we have seen during the Democratic Experiment, rushing is not advisable. Everything must be done with caution”.

-“The people are with us and they have shown it in the demonstrations,” said the President, also adding that: “Equatorial Guinea, a country that was unknown to the international community now has all its doors open. There is a new debate, and this is a country unjustly treated by the international community, a country that is continuously accused from the outside, but that struggles for development, and in which people live in harmony and peace within diversity”.

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