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The Ministry of Agriculture continues with the Food Security Project in Equatorial Guinea

posted by www.equatorialguineaonline.cxom – March 7th, 2012

Last Tuesday a seminar-workshop on the National Program for Food Security took place in the Hotel Ibis in Malabo, attended by, among others, the Vice Minister of Agriculture and the Representative of the United Nations Organization for Agriculture and Food in Equatorial Guinea.



The engineer of the Technical Office of the Ministry of Agriculture and also a consultant and coordinator of the National Program for Food Security (NPFS), Marcelo Lohoso Besam, was in charge of opening the ceremony. In his speech, the consultant said the main objective of this ambitious project is to make arrangements for food production in our country.

The work carried out during the seminar-workshop was developed in two main phases: the presentation of the paper by the team of consultants and the analysis thereof by the consultants, technicians and participants.

Next to take the floor was the Representative of the United Nations’ Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) in Equatorial Guinea, Athman Mravili, who highlighted once again the government’s will to develop a strategic plan to develop agriculture in our country.

The executive from the FAO revealed that “the development of this program, supported by the United Nations’ Organization for Agriculture and Food, is for the farmers, for the inhabitants of rural areas and for all who wish to engage in agriculture“.

Finally, and before his speech, the Vice Minister of Agriculture and Forestry, Sergio Osa Mongomo, representing the head of the department, sent a message of congratulations to the participants of the State Minister, Teodoro Nguema Obiang Mangue, who, due to his many duties, could not witness the opening of the ceremony.

During his address, Osa Mongomo expressed to the attendees the desire and courage to face the tasks of this “validation workshop” on the formulation of the NPFS. He also encouraged participants to strive, since this program will depend on the actual take-off of the agricultural development that is expected in Equatorial Guinea and, therefore, the improvement of the lives of the rural people.

Also, the Vice Minister concluded that “today is a day of hard work, which is why I encourage you to work with spirit and responsibility, given that the conclusions adopted in this work will form the basis for the final validation of the Draft Document of the Project“.

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