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The Head of State, again re-elected as party Chairman of Equatorial Guinea

posted by – April 24th, 2012

During a marathon conference that began about ten o’clock and ended well past dawn, the main bodies of PDGE proclaimed the Head of State, Obiang Nguema Mbasogo, as Chairman of the party for a new presidential term at the head of the formation, and to invest him as candidate for the forthcoming elections. This third and last session of Congress was marked by many speeches.


The work of the 5th Ordinary Congress, once the special session for women had concluded, continued on Saturday morning with many speeches and news.

The first of the presentations was precisely that of the Secretary General of the Democratic Party of Equatorial Guinea, Lucas Nguema Esono, who presented the report-synthesis of the period between the years 2006-2011 and, especially, that of recent years. Through this document, the Secretary General explained the most important activities and events carried out by the PDGE, starting with those promoted by the Founding Chairman and continuing with the work of the party bodies, such as the National Council or National Office, which played a crucial part in the victory in the elections of the past several years.

Nguema Esono also summarized the major achievements and tasks carried out by other departments such as International Relations, Economic and Financial Affairs, Communications and Urban Development. In general, the Secretary General reflected a very positive development in the recent activities of the party, noting that continuous work is being carried out, which, moreover, was a commitment made by the PDGE.

The Prime Minister, Ignacio Milam Tang, offered a highly condensed balance of the many achievements of the Government of the PDGE, referring, first, to the maintenance of peace, harmony and security enjoyed by the country. In the long list of achievements, he alluded to the infrastructures: new roads, airports, ports, housing, running water facilities and sanitation systems, installations of all types in order to bring electricity to homes, etc.

He also highlighted the actions of the unstoppable financial growth, noting that the Government had directed all the institutional reforms of the CEMAC, which benefit all states in the area. In the social sector, he spoke about the increase of the teaching staff, the growth of enrollments at all educational levels, the distribution of primary and secondary textbooks around the country or specialized scholarships in many areas.

With regard to health, he said that currently over 190 physicians are being trained in the School of Medical Sciences of Bata, that two new and modern hospitals (La Paz in Malabo and in Bata) have been built, and numerous health centers and blood banks, as well as the free distribution of medicines for AIDS and malaria. Milam Tang continued reviewing the Government’s actions in foreign relations, in the field of women and in numerous other areas.

A great moment was when the Chairman of the Party’s Youth Federation, Teodoro Nguema Obiang Mangue, spoke, expressing the growing importance of youth in today’s political process: “Our role should be more forceful and decisive. The young people reiterate our willingness to collaborate in the consolidation of the democratic experiment. We must become actors in a culture that respects globality, but also our traditions”.

Also, the Chairman of the Youth Federation recalled the need to support culture and education and as the youth representative, gave a series of recommendations to the Government, among them, to propose the hiring of local workers as a mandate of immediate implementation, to strengthen teacher training, or to modernize school buildings with all the necessary elements. The Minister of State in Charge of Agriculture and Forestry, as Vice Chairman of the PDGE, ended his speech by thanking all the people of Equatorial Guinea for the support shown in the large peaceful demonstration in which they protested together with the interference and attacks by other countries.

After these speeches, began the conference speeches of various delegates from the district councils of the PDGE in Malabo, Baney, Luba, Riaba, Annobon, Bata, Mbini, Cogo, Evinayong, Niefang, Acurenam, Mongomo, Añisok, Nsork, Aconibe, Ebebiyin Micomeseng and Nsok-Nsomo, which expressed their support for the President.

Meanwhile, the Vice Minister of Social Affairs and Promotion of Women, Leanor Epam Biribe, newly elected as Executive Chairman of the Women’s Organization, in addition to giving thanks for her appointment, urged the women members to continue advancing by themselves and gave thanks to the Head of State for promoting the development of women, and for this was the first to proclaim, on behalf of the women in the party, Obiang Nguema Mbasogo as Chairman of the Party and candidate for the next general election.

The same proclamation came from the National Council, through its representative, Demetrio Elo Ndong Nsefumu: “The National Council of the PDGE urges the reelection of President Obiang Nguema Mbasogo for a new presidential term as head of party and to invest him as candidate in the forthcoming elections to be held in the country”. The next speech was that of the  Third Deputy Prime Minister, Salomon Nguema Owono, who, as representative of the Monitoring Committees, referred to the attacks from the outside, and transmitted the same support to the Head of State, who he reminded that “the country is one, sovereign and indivisible: we are with you. The fight continues, but the victory will always be ours.”

After these speeches, and after a pause, the Secretary General read the conclusions of the 5th Congress, which include the adoption of the Democratic Experiment as the party’s philosophy that reinforces the democratic will and conscience of the bases, and the appointment of the member brother Obiang Nguema Mbasogo, “as Chairman of the PDGE without mandate limit and as such, its candidate for the presidential elections of the Republic.”

Another resolution adopted was the total rejection of the threats of destabilization caused by neocolonial actions, the resolution adopting the adjustments to the party rules and the different proclamations made ​​during this conference, including new Vice Chairmen of the party and the National Council members. They also read the Final Communiqué of the Congress with a comprehensive summary of what occurredduring it.

The Congress ended with the swearing in of new elected officials and the closing speech of the President, although many members attending the event celebrated the success with happy songs inside and outside the premises.


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