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The Government of Equatorial Guinea congratulates the new President of the French Republic

posted by – May 9th, 2012

The Delegate Minister for Foreign Affairs, Eustaquio Nseng Esono, met with French Ambassador François Barateau, to convey the congratulations to the new President, François Hollande, on behalf of Equatorial Guinean Government.


On Monday May 7, Eustaquio Nseng Esono received in audience the French Ambassador to Equatorial Guinea, François Barateau. The purpose of this meeting was to convey the congratulations of the Government of Equatorial Guinea to the French Government for the election of its new President, François Hollande.

During the meeting, Nseng Esono informed the Ambassador that our country had followed closely the course of the debates of the candidates, before and during the second round.

Moments after leaving the office of Delegate Minister of Foreign Affairs, International Cooperation and Francophone Affairs, had the opportunity to talk with François Barateau, who thanked the speed with which the Government of Equatorial Guinea had sent congratulations to the newly elected president.

The diplomat also said that during the audience he had been briefed on the Government’s willingness to further strengthen its relations with the French country, “which is also the desire of France,” said Barateau.

The French elections were also held in Equatorial Guinea without incident at two polling stations, one at the Embassy in Malabo and another at the Consulate in Bata, at which 43% of the resident French voters voted, the Ambassador told the press.

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