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The Equatorial Guinea Ministry of Health commemorates the African Day of Traditional Medicine

Posted by – September 5th, 2013

The Director-General of Pharmacy and Traditional Medicine in Equatorial Guinea, Gregorio Gori, said that traditional and modern medicine work to achieve the same purpose, to heal the sick, and that traditional medicine is part of African culture and plays an important role in our country.

Gregorio Gori also said that they must continue to work for better a integration of traditional medicine into the national health system, and satisfy the aspiration of traditional practitioners to contribute to improving the health of the population.

He also talked about the law of October 24, which establishes the National Traditional Medicine Service, and sets the standards for its exercise in our country, as well as the requirements for obtaining the authorization.

Among other things, he pointed out the role of traditional midwives in reducing maternal and neonatal mortality, and working in villages that are far from health centers.