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Thanks to the First Lady of Equatorial Guinea

posted by – June 2nd, 2012

For the humanitarian action that is offered each year by the First Lady and Honorary President of the National Association of Solidarity for the Disabled, Constancia Mangue has again received the thanks for her courage and solidarity with the most needy.


On Tuesday, Felicidad Cervera Solomon, a native of the island province of Annobon, approached the headquarters of the Equatorial Guinean Child Support Committee (CANIGE) to submit a letter of thanks to the wife of President Obiang Nguema Mbasogo for the financial and moral support she has offered her in order to move with her son, Josue Saka, to the kingdom of Morocco, after suffering -at only two weeks old- severe burns on his body resulting from a fire in July 2010 in the city of Malabo.

In the presence of the National President of the Association for the Disabled (ASSONAMI), Martin Ela Ondo, Felicidad Cervera, mother of four children, expressed her appreciation for the First Lady’s assistance, which allowed her to go to Morocco, namely to the Sheikh Zayed Hospital in Rabat, where her child received medical treatment for a period of three months until his full recovery.

Ela Ondo, acting on behalf of the Honorary President of the association, emphasized the thanks of Felicidad Cervera, for the efforts of Constancia Mangue in favor of the most unfortunate people of our country.


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