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Surprises in the second round of the Football League

posted by: – March 23, 2015

The second round of the national football championship concluded on Sunday, in the island region and in the mainland. No fewer than 17 goals were scored in the stadiums of both areas.

Insular Region

The main feature of the second round of the championship in the island region was the 5-1 landslide, suffered by The Panthers against Sony Ela Nguema. Although the Panthers played a good match on the first day, Sunday, March 22, it received this major defeat with highest landslide recorded since the league started. Thanks to this result the Sony Ela Nguema takes the lead.

Results in the Insular Region:

In the Sampaka Stadium, the Atletico Semu against Deportivo Unidad (1-1)
In Luba, San Pablo of Nsork against Leones Vegetarianos (1-2)
At the La Paz Stadium, The Panther against Sony Ela Nguema (1-5)

Región Continental

In the Manuel Enguru Ondo Stadium of  Ebebiyin, the provincial derby of Kie-Ntem between the red team of Akonangui Fútbol Club and its neighbor, the Racing of Micomeseng, resulted in the victory of 2-1 in favor of the Racing.

Results in the Continental Region:

At the Stadium of Alep, the Quince de Agosto of Akonibe against  A. D. Mongomo (0-0)
In the Municipal Stadium of Mbini, Deportivo Mongomo against Dragon Football Club (2-2)
In the  Manuel Enguru Ondo Stadium of  Ebebiyin, the Akonangui Football Club against Racing de Micomeseng (1-2)

Text: David Monsuy Senior (D. G. Base Internet)
Equatorial Guinea’s Press and Information Office