Sullivan Summit Ends With The Spirit Of Malabo

posted by – August 24th, 2012

Victor Mooney, AIDS activist and executive director of New York based – South African Arts International, Ltd. (SAAI) has pledged to keep the camaraderie alive; thereby, naming his Brazilian custom made ocean rowboat “The Spirit of Malabo” in a tweet earlier today.

History was cemented on the shores of this tiny nation during the 9th Sullivan Summit. Repeatedly, the African Diaspora was intertwined with the announcement of updates on infrastructure, partnerships, education, health care, cultural exchanges, dual citizenship, and human capital investments during the summit.

“President Obiang’s vision to prepare the country for the present and future generations was clearly disseminated. It’s time to get on board and be part of a great renaissance that is taking place in EquatoriAl Guinea and Africa”, said Victor Mooney.

Mr. Mooney will use the Spirit of Malabo in his fourth bid to cross the Atlantic Ocean by rowing. He plans to depart from the Las Palmas, Canary Islands and row five-thousand miles, an approximately eight month voyage, back to New York’s Brooklyn Bridge later this year. “Only the strongest [his African ancestors] survived the arduous task of crossing the Atlantic Ocean. I’m determined with the fathers blessing to complete this mission”, said Mooney.

During the journey, a global audience will have an exclusive opportunity to learn about the cultural treasures of this nation. A virtual exhibition of art works will be hosted on for this project. Updates will be translated from English to Spanish, French, Portuguese, Chinese and Arabic via ListServ. Periodically, Mr. Mooney will participate in online conversations with classrooms worldwide aboard the Spirit of Malabo.

“We are facing a continued crisis on both continents as we battle against HIV/AIDS. It’s my continued faith that this mission will encourage voluntary HIV testing and increase AIDS education”, Mooney added.

On Mooney’s historic arrival at Brooklyn Bridge Park, cultural dancers from the Republic of EquatoriAl Guinea will welcomed the rower on the banks of New York’s East River. Take your seat on the Spirit of Malabo and follow us on

The 9th Sullivan Summit officially ends on August 24.

About South African Arts International, Ltd. (SAAI): The mission of New York based SAAI is to promote multimedia events in venues all over the world; to exhibit the works of artist, artisans, musicians, scholars and professionals; to facilitate worldwide cultural understanding; disseminate and exchange international art and culture; to provide scholarships, sponsor cultural events and artistic seminars; to increase awareness of global pandemic of HIV/AIDS.

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