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Start of the preparations for the second edition of the Professional Football League

posted 12/9/12

The meeting was chaired by the president of Equatorial Guinean Football Federation (FEGUIFUT), Bonifacio Manga Obiang, and aimed to adopt the agenda of the next general ordinary meeting, which will focus on the programming of the league season, especially on the second edition of the Professional Football League of Equatorial Guinea.

This meeting will take place on December 28 and 29 in Malabo, and in it the adoption of several amendments to the bylaws will be submitted to the leaders of Equatorial Guinea Soccer, such as the creation of more bodies within the FEGUIFUT, as well as the approval, if applicable, of the reduction to two years of the terms of the presidents of the International Federation of Associated Football (FIFA), of the confederations and the national federation presidents.

The proposal comes from the FIFA, which has submitted it to the confederations and national football associations. Once approved, it will be validated at the next congress of highest body of world football.

Before being adopted by the assembly, we learned that the next league will have two phases: the first which will be played by ten to twelve teams in the first division, the second will be the professional phase, with the eight best teams in the championship.

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