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Speech by the Head of State at the Regional Conference of the Network of Parliamentarian Women of Central Africa and Europe

posted by – October 225th, 2012

On Wednesday, October 24 in the Sipopo Conference Center, the speech took place of the Head of State of the Regional Conference of the Network of Parliamentarian Women of Central Africa and Europe. “Equatorial Guinean women have become integrated successfully in the development of Equatorial Guinea,” said H.E. Obiang Nguema Mbasogo.

He said that the integration of women in Equatorial Guinea began in 1979, with the abolition of some discriminatory practices of the traditional culture, which considered women as a tool of exploitation for men.

-“In 1979, through a conference, Equatorial Guinean women were invited to become aware of participating in the development of the country“, said the President, who also said “the implementation of the Technical Secretariat, in 1980, to address the problems of women, the current Department of Promotion of Women and the Basic Law of Equatorial Guinea, in Article 3, subsection G, paragraph 2, determines equality of rights and opportunities between men and women.”

-“The underdevelopment suffered by the country did not offer any opportunity for self-realization of individuals, much less socially marginalized women,” continued Obiang Nguema Mbasogo, highlighting the courage and nobility of women who have overcome all discriminatory barriers for their integration.

Also during his speech, the Head of State acknowledged that our country has not reached the summit of aspirations in the field of women’s rights, the level of professional training between men and women remains unequal. However, the role of women in the development of the country, after the dictatorship is highly significant, since Equatorial Guinean women currently hold senior positions, both in the Government and in the private business sector.

The President of the Republic concluded by wishing success in the discussions taking place during the conference.

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