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Several countries competing in the Africa Cup of Nations will head to South Africa to use World Cup facilities ahead of the tournament.

The tournament is set to be staged in Gabon and Equatorial Guinea beginning on January 21, and among the countries that have expressed interest in setting up training camps in South Africa are Zambia, Ghana, Equatorial Guinea and Angola.

Both Zambia and Ghana are expected to play friendlies against South Africa, with the dates and venues of these matches yet to be finalised.

Boasting some of the best facilities in the world and similar weather to Equatorial Guinea and Gabon, South Africa will be ideal for countries to prepare for the Nations Cup.

South African Football Association (SAFA) CEO Robin Petersen said he is excited by the interest, as it will go a long way in sustaining the World Cup legacy.

“We want the 2010 World Cup legacy to benefit several generations to come, especially South Africans and the football family on this African continent,” Petersen said.

“Setting up bases here is a good sign that our World Cup facilities will never turn into a white elephant.”

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