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Seminar on business and investment in Equatorial Guinea

posted by – February 27th, 2012

The Minister of Economy and Business Development, Francisca Tatchoup Belope, chaired the opening session of the seminar on the Report of the Business and Investment Climate in Equatorial Guinea.



The inauguration of the seminar was also attended by the Ministers of Justice, Worship and Penitentiary Institutions, and the Minister of Planning and Economic Development, Francisco Javier Ngomo Mbengono and Jose Ela Oyana, as well as the Resident Representative of the UN system, Leo Heileman, the Deputy Minister of Justice, Sergio Abeso Tomo, and the Presidential Adviser on economics, among others.

The seminar was organized by the Ministry of Economy, supported by the agency of the United Nations system in our country. According to the order of protocol, announced before the start of the ceremony, there were two speeches, that of the Resident Representative of the UN system in Equatorial Guinea, Leo Heileman and that of the Minister of Economics and Business Development, Francisca Tatchoupe Belope.

Leo Heileman was the first to speak, in his presentation he thanked the Ministry of Economy for organizing the seminar and its interest in developing the study on the investment framework in Equatorial Guinea.

He also expressed his thanks to the ministries involved in this program, the embassies and the private sector for their contributions to obtaining valuable information for the work. Leo Heileman reminded everyone that our country in recent years has seen an impressive growth in the sector of oil and gas, and as recommended by the conference of industrialization, it is essential that the country continue with the program established in the development plan.

The Resident Representative of the United Nations System also insisted on the importance of attracting new investment of the market to raise production, thus increasing domestic consumption and foreign markets.

According to the United Nations program, for the development it is crucial that the quality of life of the people of Equatorial Guinea benefit from this dynamic and stated that they have the best availability to support these efforts in areas identified as vital by the Government.

In her speech, the Minister of Economics and Business Development, congratulated Leo Heileman for his speech and thanked the United Nations Program funding for financing the seminar and said that the Government’s objective is to turn Equatorial Guinea into an emerging country in the year 2020.

Tatchoup Belope extended her thanks to all those who have contributed and said that under the Government program, they are conducting a series of measures to strengthen the investment climate.

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