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Saving the Drill Monkey Species in Equatorial Guinea — College of Charleston

posted by – February 15th, 2013

Charleston-based conservation biologist and CofC alumnus Justin Jay (Biology Major, Class of 2008) is working to save the drill monkey species in Equatorial Guinea. He’s recently completed a documentary ( targeting the Equatorial Guinean population to educate them on the importance of the species (which is dwindling due to poaching and black-market sales). Jay, who is actually a turtle expert, learned about the elusive monkey species while with a turtle conservation research team on the country’s main island, Bioko, and then, during some downtime, hiked into the jungle alone to see if he could find the monkeys. Unlike the National Geographic team that had been there for weeks trying to record the animals in their natural habitat, Jay tracked and found them, and his connection with the monkeys has inspired him to do everything he can to save them.

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