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Results of the qualifying matches for the CAN 2013

posted by – September 13th, 2012

This past weekend the first qualifying matches for the African Cup of Nations to be held in South Africa during January and February 2013 were played. We highlight the victories of Cape Verde and Mozambique over Cameroon and Morocco, and the crushing defeat of Equatorial Guinea against the Democratic Republic of Congo.

On Saturday, the local teams dominated the scoreboards with ample victories for Ivory Coast, Mali, Ghana and Cape Verde and close victories by Central African Republic and Zambia. The visiting teams did not succeed in any of the games and the draw was the best result managed by Nigeria, Togo and Tunisia.

Only Botswana, who lost 3-0 to Mali, seems ruled out from the CAN 2013. The same thing happens to Equatorial Guinea, who played on Sunday, and was overcome by the powerful team of the Democratic Republic of Congo which, with the four goals it made, has practically achieved the classification.

The rest of the matches on Sunday were settled with local victories for Mozambique, Zimbabwe and Guinea, and the only victory by a visiting team throughout the weekend was that of Algeria against Libya.

Gabon 1 – Togo 1

Central African Republic 1 – Burkina Faso 0

Zambia 1 – Uganda 0

Liberia 2 – Nigeria 2

Ghana 2 – Malawi 0

Cape Verde 2 – Cameroon 0

Sierra Leone 2 – Tunisia 2

Sudan 5 – Ethiopia 3

Ivory Coast 4 – Senegal 2

Mali 3 – Botswana 0

Zimbabwe 3 – Angola 1

Mozambique 2 – Morocco 0

Libya 0 – Algeria 1

Guinea 1 – Niger 0

The return matches will be played between October 12 and 14. The fifteen winners of the elimination rounds will qualify for the finals of the 2013 African Cup of Nations, along with South Africa, the competition organizer.

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