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Purificacion Ondo speaks of women in Equatorial Guinea in Madrid

posted by: – March 16, 2015

The Ambassador of Equatorial Guinea in Spain participated in a talk about women held at the Museum of America in the capital of Spain. Angue Ondo described the changes in the lives of women in recent decades: “When President Obiang took office, the Ministry of Women was first opened, which was revolutionary not only in Equatorial Guinea, but throughout the African continent,” said the Ambassador.

The Ambassador of Equatorial Guinea in Spain was invited to participate in the series of talks on the lives of women in different countries and cultures, under the title Different But With the Same Dream, took place on Thursday, March 12, at the Museum of America in Madrid.

The story told by Purificacion Angue Ondo not only showcased the lives of women in our country, but in general, throughout the African continent.

The Ambassador began by summarizing what the traditional feminine world was like a few years ago, and how ignorance and customs of various ethnic groups contributed to the lack of rights and freedoms of women.

But, as she said, with the arrival of young military officer Obiang Nguema Mbasogo to the presidency, there was a complete break, and a landmark in the evolution of women in Equatorial Guinea. For starters, she recalled the first Ministry of Women was created, which represented a revolution in the country and the African continent at the time.

-“The Equatorial Guinean woman joyfully welcomed the creation of this department,” said Purificacion in her presentation. “When I ran it, I traveled around the country to see what state the country’s women were in. Then, it was hard to talk about the rights of women to women who did not understand what that meant, especially in the rural areas.

The Ambassador also recalled the great evolution of women in Equatorial Guinea in recent years and explained that women have held many important positions in the country institutions, such as the President of the Senate. When mentioning the remaining challenges, Angue Ondo especially highlighted gender violence in the household.

Participating in the debate, in addition to the Equatorial Guinean legatee, was Concepcion Garcia Saiz, Director of the Museum of America; the Ambassador of Mexico in Spain, Roberta Lajous Vargas; the Director of the Asian House in Madrid, Teresa Gutierrez del Alamo; the Ambassador of Sweden, Cecilia Julin; the Business Attaché of the Embassy of Australia, Helen Smith and Maria Jesus Herrera Ceballos, Head of the Mission of IOM in Spain.

Text and photos: Ines Ortega.
Equatorial Guinea’s Press and Information Office