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Presentation of the first Africa Human Development Report 2012

“Towards a food secure future” is the slogan of the Africa Human Development Report 2012, which was presented in the morning of Friday, September 28, by the United Nations Program for Development in Equatorial Guinea.

Secretary-General of Foreign Affairs.


The Africa Human Development Report 2012 was presented on Friday, September 28 in the Hotel Tres de Agosto of Malabo focusing on the subject of food security. The presentation ceremony was directed by the Resident Representative of the United Nations System in Equatorial Guinea, Leo Heileman. The Minister of Planning, Economic Development and Investments, Conrado Okenve Ndoho, also attended the ceremony, along with members of the Government, diplomatic corps and representatives of companies.

The Resident Representative of the United Nations Development Plan (UNDP), in his speech before the presentation of the report, welcomed the attendees and recalled that the report had already been presented in Nairobi (Kenya) and that it was the second that is presented in our country, with the central theme of food security in Africa.

“The growth of the African economy in the last decade, as well as the economic progress of the continent, has not also led to food security; the African population is still subject to hunger,” stated Leo Heileman.

Africa continues being the region of the world with greatest food insecurity, where nearly 218 million persons suffer malnutrition; while poor nutrition affects more than 40% of children under five years of age. The Representative of the UNDP also stated that the poor harvests and the lack of food are not the only causes for the famine and hunger in Africa.

The unequal access to food and the lack of means to acquire it, due to the low income and high levels of vulnerability that affect many Africans, are other causes of the food insecurity in the continent, which requires changes in the food system.

In order to achieve the objectives in the subject of food security, within those envisaged by the Millennium Development among the governments, UNDP is committed to the strengthening, the coordination and financing to achieve these objectives, reported Leo Heileman.

In this sense, he recalled that “Equatorial Guinea is already taking measures in the subject of food security and its National Food Security Plan (PNSA-acronym in Spanish) has been validated, from which its implementation is expected. This tool, along with the other policies, is key in helping the country to guarantee food security and the generation of productive employment, which will permit the population to opt for income that facilitates access to the foods and to the goods and services that are fundamental for life.”

Before concluding his speech, Heileman expressed his hope that the African governments will adopt decisive actions to strengthen food security in the continent. After his speech, the UNDP economist in Equatorial Guinea, Glenda Gallardo, presented the content of the report with the slogan: “Towards a food secure future”.

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