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Presentation of a new basketball team in Equatorial Guinea

posted by www.equatorialguineaonline.cxom – March 7th, 2012

This weekend, the Hotel Sofitel of Malabo was the venue of the official presentation of Rhema Basketball, a team created by citizens of Equatorial Guinea whose founder is Richard Milam Akubilo, current head of the Communications and Press Office of the National Democratic Party of Equatorial Guinea.



The solemn ceremony was attended by various national authorities, diplomatic corps, businessmen; and there were interventions by the National Olympic Committee President, represented by the Head of Marketing, Alejandro Martin Evuna, the president of the National Basketball Federation, Pilar Evuna Lopez and the Director General of Youth and Sports, Pedro Mabale Fuga Afang, who applauded this sports initiative, since it means “giving oxygen” to national basketball.

For his part, the founding president of Rhema Basketball, Richard Milam Akubilo, after thanking the Feguibasket for the acceptance of his team in the large National Basketball family, made public some of the reasons that led him to create it, such as his love of basketball, having been an athlete, making the sports facilities built by the government profitable and the moral obligation to participate in the development of national sports and healthy youth development.

Milam also revealed to the audience the team’s ambitions, and then presented each of the components of the board of directors, as well as ‚Äčthe team players, which is made up of, among others, three expatriates (a Cameroonianand two Senegalese, one of which, 1.90 cm tall, has played in the NBA).

This is the second team to be presented in recent weeks, following the Mongomo Basket, which makes the upcoming basketball league to be predicted as very interesting with the integration of quality teams.

The event closed with a reception entertained by the performances of the group of fans of the team, whose headquarters are located in the district of Siale Bileka in Malabo.

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