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According to Ruslan Nsue Obiang, president of the organizing committee of the CAN-2012 of Equatorial Guinea, the country is complying with the program of delivering infrastructures for the football tournament to be held next January, “As of today, we are 87% done in terms of infrastructure delivery,” also said the Secretary of State for Sports.


With just six months until the start of the Africa Cup of Nations, the football competition organized jointly by Equatorial Guinea and Gabon, we can say that -as the Secretary of State for Sport and president of the organizing committee, Ruslan Obiang Nsue, also ensures- that Equatorial Guinea is complying with the preparations: “As of today we are 87% done in terms of infrastructure delivery.”

The African Cup of Nations (CAN) is the most prestigious football competition of the African continent, “so it is an honor for the two host countries,” said Ruslan Obiang Nsue. “Besides the new stadium in Malabo, which is already finished, in September delivery will be made of the one in Bata, a stadium for 35,000 spectators,” added the Secretary of State.

There is no doubt that lately Equatorial Guinea is being a country with great organizational skills. We must recall that in 2008 it hosted the Women’s CAN, it recently hosted the African Union Summit, and has aspirations for the Games of La Francophonie in 2017, and might host the Youth African Cup of Nations and World Cup of this  category.

Equatorial Guinea’s Press and Information Office.

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