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The PDGE denounces another manipulation of Spanish television

posted by: April 21st, 2015

The Democratic Party of Equatorial Guinea (PDGE) states, in the words of its Secretary General, Jeronimo Osa Osa Ecoro, its emphatic expression of protest regarding the documentary broadcast on Spanish public television, TVE2, titled “The Paradox of Plenty”. Below we reproduce fragments of his message and the full text is attached to this article.

“The PDGE wants to alert the Spaniards of how their media manipulates them and hides the reality, in a country where it is assumed that the freedom and transparency of expression is the Law. What I present here is our real history, and not what they have seen  in this documentary, as in many others:

For centuries, Europeans and Americans kidnapped and killed our ancestors. (…) For decades, the settlers were the masters of our possessions and the masters of our lives. (…) When they gave us our ‘independence’, they left us at our mercy. During the dark years, no one came to help, and even less to provide information. (…)

Obiang called a Spanish oil company, but they said there was no oil in Equatorial Guinea. (…)

Our people were hungry, so despite the negative outcome of the Spanish studies, our President Obiang Nguema Mbasogo, called another company, in this case, a small US company, which in less than a month found in our subsoil one of the largest oil reserves throughout Africa. (…)

Our democracy was born within our own tribes. But the Spanish TV still has no idea. Traditionally, the African election and representation system and that of Equatorial Guinea is not the same as that followed in Spain. Our political form of organization emerges from the representatives who are already elected in the same villages, clans and tribes. A very interesting system that nourishes our democracy from the family structure itself. (…)

Equatorial Guinea is the largest consumer of Spanish beer, but the Spaniards still think that there is hunger here. Our prosperity is why Equatorial Guinea now has the highest rate of arrival of migrants from Africa. It is also the reason why Equatorial Guinea is the largest buyer and importer of Spanish beer. (…)

We know what the objectives of media such as Television Española are when manipulating, as always, the history and information given on Equatorial Guinea:

One, maintain supremacy and the colonial vision of Western Europe that treats black Africans as inferior, undeveloped and, therefore, remains beneath them.

Two, create instability and conflicts within our society, which is now rich in energy, in order to destabilize it (…)

Finally, we send a new recommendation to Television Española: given that the argument of the documentaries on Equatorial Guinea, which they have made for decades, are always the same and do not change a bit (although our country has changed much since then and is not the same), we believe this Spanish channel should not spend any public money, that of all the Spaniards, in making any more documentaries.


Jerónimo Osa Osa Ecoro
Secretary General of the Democratic Party of Equatorial Guinea”

Equatorial Guinea’s Press and Information Office