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Olympic Committee meeting in Equatorial Guinea

posted by – February 27th, 2012

The Board of the Olympic Committee of Equatorial Guinea (COGE) met Friday in Malabo, under the leadership of its president, Manuel Sabino Asumu Kawan. The meeting served to celebrate the recovery of relations with the international institutions.



At the meeting, the President of the COGE, besides congratulating the Board for the new year 2012, conveyed to those present the good news concerning the restoration and strengthening of relations between the institution and the International Olympic Committee (IOC), the Olympic Solidarity and the Association of African Olympic Committees (ACNOA).

The COGE is already benefiting from the economic subsidies, as well as the programs of development of their international mentors, whose aid was suspended for one year.

The Board of the COGE attributes these achievements to the support of the Spanish Olympic Committee which accepted in 2011 the request of ACNOA to mentor the COGE.

Asumu Kawan, who met Friday with the Minister of Youth and Sports, has presented to the attendees the approval of the plan of preparing our athletes for the Olympic Games for 2012.

Equatorial Guinea plans to participate in the categories of athletics, boxing, swimming, judo and taekwondo. While waiting for the international qualifiers, the IOC has offered scholarships to those athletes who qualify for the Olympics, so they can prepare properly.

With regard to swimming, which does not have qualifying rounds, the great responsibility of preparing the swimmers has been entrusted to the well-known swimmer Eric Musambani Malonga, who has the worst record in 100 meters at the Olympic Games in Sydney, Australia

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