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Meeting of President of the Chamber of Commerce of the Continental Region of Equatorial Guinea

posted by – July 23rd, 2013

On Monday, the President of the Chamber of Commerce, Agriculture and Forestry of the Continental Region, Severino Ondo Nguema, met with women’s groups associated with this institution.


The meeting of Ondo Nguema had as objective to urge the members to form groups of neighborhood associations, to better channel their requests and provide the Chamber the list of goods that are most needed.

During his speech, the president made clear to those gathered that his institution is not a bank, and that its objective is to promote trade in the country. He also asked them to be committed and responsible in repaying the loans received from the institution.

The meeting ended with the invitation to all Equatorial Guineans to approach the Chamber of Commerce of the Continental Region to learn about the operation and the opportunities afforded by this institution to groups and small and medium national businesses.