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Is This the Best Women’s World Cup Field Ever?

The draw for the 2011 FIFA Women’s World Cup  will be conducted tomorrow in Frankfurt, Germany. It will be broadcast live on from 19.25 GMT and on from 1:40 ET.

This is the final time the FIFA Women’s World Cup will feature 16 teams before the field expands to 24 teams in the 2015 World Cup cycle. With the rapid rise of development of women’s soccer around the world in the past four years, most notably in Asia, this could be the most competitive mix of teams yet.

How so? Below is a list of the 16 qualified teams and their best ever World Cup finishes.

Australia (Quarterfinals 2007)

Brazil (Runners-Up 2007)

Canada (Semifinals 2003)

Colombia (Debutants)

England (Quarters 1995, 2007)

Equatorial Guinea (Debutants)

France (Group Stage 2003)

Germany (Champions 2003, 2007)

Japan (Quarters 1995)

Mexico (Group Stage 1999)

New Zealand (Group Stage 1991, 2007)

Nigeria (Quarterfinals 1999)

Norway (Champions 1995)

North Korea (Quarterfinals 2007)

Sweden (Runners-Up 2003)

United States (Champions 1991, 1999)

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