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Interview with the Ambassador of China in Equatorial Guinea

posted by – April 11th, 2012

Wang Shixiong receives reporters to comment on various topics, such as the relations between his country and ours and China’s diplomatic policy with Africa.


Wang Shixiong, Ambassador of the People’s Republic of China in Equatorial Guinea, is a graduate of the University of Beijing in Foreign Languages ​​and has worked for over thirty years in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of China, held various positions such Director-General and Secretary-General, among others. As a diplomat, he has served as Third Secretary at the Embassy of China in Venezuela, First Secretary and Counselor of the Embassy in Madrid and Consul General in Barcelona, before taking over the responsibilities of the Chinese Embassy in Malabo, where he arrived in November 2010.

What are the main sectors in which China currently cooperates with Equatorial Guinea?

“We have cooperation with Equatorial Guinea in all sectors, but mainly we can highlight the health area, in which we have cooperated for over forty years. The Chinese Government has sent to Equatorial Guinea over 25 teams and about 600 medical doctors. Each team works for a few years. Soon there will come another team that will serve the people of Equatorial Guinea. In addition, the Chinese government has also made ​​significant donations of antimalarial medication”.

The Ambassador recalled that apart from health cooperation, they can also emphasize the training of human resources: “In recent years, China has strengthened this training work; for example, last year over 178 Guineans were trained in China. In addition, the Chinese government has increased the quota of university scholarships for students of Equatorial Guinea. At the request of H.E. Obiang Nguema Mbasogo, China will also establish a vocational training center in the new city of Oyala, in Bata. Another area of ​​cooperation that he wanted to emphasize is agriculture, because the country needs this cooperation, since China has experience in the field of agriculture”.

– How would you describe the main challenges for China’s diplomacy?

“I think the next ten years will be a decade of rapid change in the world and the different parts will strengthen their relationships, and seek stability. The changing trends deserve particular attention. Economic growth will increase its strength, the presence of developing countries will increase, thus leading to a better balance. Cooperation within the international system will be strengthened to exert greater influence in setting international rules change. And the form of global governance will continue to advance continuously”.

Wang Shixiong also alluded to some of the challenges for the future that, in his opinion, will remain hot topics, such as climate change, energy management, food security or terrorism: “China will continue to pursue the foreign policy of peace, driven by the peaceful development of mutually beneficial cooperation. We will continue to work together with countries and with Equatorial Guinea, creating a world of peace and prosperity. I think both countries should consider a mutually beneficial cooperation”.

– What is China’s policy towards the countries of Africa?

“It is very important to strengthen the unity and cooperation with African countries and it is also important for China to promote a peaceful diplomatic policy, characterized by independence and initiative. China inherits and carries forward the fine tradition of friendship with Africa, while establishing and developing new strategic partnerships, characterized by mutual trust, equality and mutual benefit policy for the Chinese and African peoples. China respects the equal treatment of a sincere friendship, and the path of development chosen by African countries. And it is urging the international community to become aware of the importance of peace and development in Africa”.

Also, the diplomat highlighted the importance of economic development and common prosperity, and therefore, mentioned as important issues for China the cooperation on issues such as science, education, culture and health: “In addition, China supports the strengthening of the capacity of African countries, studying the path to sustainable development”.

– Equatorial Guinea and China have been working for 42 years in a partnership described as traditional, what are the achievements that have been made during that time?

“I think all countries should conduct a mutually beneficial cooperation. This means that although a country pursues their own interests, it cannot fail to consider the interests of other countries. And even if a country enjoys its rights, it should also expand its responsibilities. Countries need to accommodate each other and work together to make the international order more just and equitable for a better future.

Relations between China and Equatorial Guinea have taken place at a rapid pace, and friendly cooperation has deepened. Cooperation in areas such as politics, economy, trade, culture, education, agriculture, human resource development, telecommunications and health is fruitful. The visits made by senior officials of both countries have been frequent in recent years. The total volume of business, bilaterally speaking, in the past year, was about two billion dollars, a truly significant increase compared to the previous year”.

What is the future of cooperation relations between China and Equatorial Guinea?

“China and Equatorial Guinea are two developing countries. The friendly cooperation between the two is a good example of South-South cooperation. We still have a lot of work to advance further; currently, we plan to expand our cooperation in the sectors of agriculture and human resources training. A major project is the establishment of the Confucius Institute at the National University of Equatorial Guinea (UNGE) and the expansion of cooperation in the areas of transportation and telecommunications. I, as Ambassador, will drive the bilateral cooperation. I think the cooperation between the two countries has a very bright future”.

What have you liked about your stay in Equatorial Guinea?

– “As I said, I’ve been here over a year and during that time I have visited several places in the country. Equatorial Guinea is a beautiful country with beautiful nature, everything is green and it has a pleasant climate. Equatorial Guinea’s culture is very different from other places, and the history of this country is like that of China, because we had the experience of being a colonized country. I like the cities of Equatorial Guinea, including Malabo, Bata, Luba, Sipopo …”.

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