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INPAGE promotes a stock of high quality cocoa in Malabo

posted by – February 9th, 2012

The National Institute of Agricultural Promotion of Equatorial Guinea offers over 300 tons of high quality cocoa for domestic and international buyers. This product is in storage at the institute in Malabo.



The National Institute of Agricultural Promotion of Equatorial Guinea (INPAGE), an entity supervised by the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry, made available to any national or international buyer a lot on sale for 330 tons of high quality cocoa.

This is one of the many initiatives undertaken by the Minister of State in Charge of Agriculture and Forestry, Teodoro Nguema Obiang Mangue, with the constant objective of offering support to farmers throughout the country.

The promotion of this first-class stock is a priority of the Ministry so that farmers of the raw material of chocolate may be exclusively dedicated to its production.

In order to take advantage of the situation of soaring food prices now experienced in the international market, the Ministry, at the request of its Minister, has lowered the cost of cocoa so that buyers can obtain a product with excellent price and quality.

Several members of INPAGE and the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry have met to jointly address, develop and provide seed prices as follows:

– Dry cocoa grade 1, at 1,010 CFA francs/kg. Grade 2, at 900 CFA francs/kg.

– Off-standard dry cocoa, at 450 CFA francs/kg.

– Sun-dried cocoa, at 600 CFA francs/kg. Semi-dry, at 500 CFA francs/kg.

– Cocoa extracts in standard box (length 48.5 cm, width 25 cm and height 35 cm) at 8,500 CFA francs.

– Cocoa pod at 25 CFA francs.

According to the State Minister, Nguema Obiang Mangue, “this offer is a first step towards the agricultural revolution that is expected in Equatorial Guinea in the near future. As you know, we have implemented several projects, among them the MAECI, whose objective is for the Government to produce a wide variety of agricultural products to supply domestic and international markets, and stop importing them to the country.”

-“With this new development we want to offer buyers a good, quality¬† product at a price they can afford, as well as have the farmers enjoy good economic benefits so that they increasingly prefer the productivity of cocoa,” he added.

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