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How to Find Cheap Hotels in Equatorial Guinea

In Equatorial Guinea you will definitely have a unique travel experience. This island nation doesn’t offer many tourist attractions, but it does offer fantastic beaches, charming local bars, and an interesting local culture.

Moderately Challenging


things you’ll need:

  • A computer with Internet access
  • Yellow fever immunization
  • An international immunization card, which you can get from the W.H.O.
  • A valid passport
  1. Know Your Destination

    • 1

      Brush up on your Spanish vocabulary and verb conjugation. Equatorial Guinea is the only African country that recognizes Spanish as its official language. French and ethnic dialects are also spoken here.

    • 2

      Convert your U.S. dollars to Central African Francs, which is the official currency of this country. Exchange rates always fluctuate, but you typically get around 500 CFA per U.S. dollar.

    Organize Your Transportation in Equatorial Guinea

    • 3

      Plan on landing at the Malabo Airport, which is close to tourist accommodations.

    • 4

      Become familiar with local transportation options before arriving. Your best options for getting around Equatorial Guinea are bush taxi or bus.

    • 5

      Take a ferry or small plane to mainland Equatorial Guinea from Malabo, which is actually located on an island.

    Accommodations in Equatorial Guinea

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      To book accommodations, contact Office National du Tourisme in Guinea at 011 (+240) 455 163. It helps to know how to spot a good deal on accommodations. Cheap rooms in Equatorial Guinea will generally cost less than 5500 CFA, which is just over $10 U.S.

    • 7

      Book your accommodations through a travel agent specializing in African vacations. Travel agents familiar with African tourism can often help negotiate cheap accommodations in your preferred areas of the country.

    • 8

      Look for cheap accommodations in the largest city, Malabo, but make sure they are safe and reputable. Booking through a trusted travel agent or reservations service will help ensure this.

    • 9

      Reserve safari-style accommodations at one of the best-known treasures of Africa, the Monte Alen National Park. This park protects over 1,400 square miles of wilderness and is home to a unique collection of native animals, plants and geological features.

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