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Hospital management course at the Cultural Center of Spain in Bata

posted by – March 14th, 2012

A course for managers of all hospitals in the nation is taking place these days at the Cultural Center of Spain. It is organized by the Ministry of Health and Welfare, in collaboration with the Health Institute Carlos III.



This training course, which is given by experts from the Health Institute Carlos III, aims to train the managing directors to carry out a better administration of services in different hospitals.

The opening ceremony was chaired by the Director of Human Resources and Training in the Department of Health, Miguel Obiang, who invited all participants to make the most of the knowledge they receive during the three week-long training.

Furthermore, the Director-General stressed that it is a priority of the Government of the Republic of Equatorial Guinea to improve the quality of services that hospitals provide to the people, through training of qualified human resources in order to meet the Government’s plan of “Health for all“.

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