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Henri Michel: ” Blank Sheet “


Henri Michel: ” Blank Sheet “

New coach of Equatorial Guinea, Henri Michel is pleased with the mission of achieving a good performance at the next CAN Orange. With a blank sheet, he would like to win the qualification for the second round of the competition co-organized by his new employer.

By: Joseph Djomo
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New step in your long career, Equatorial Guinea, how did you establish relations?

Leaders of Equatorial Guineans were looking for someone to lead their national team to the next African Cup of Nations. They called me and I accepted this challenge, which is a great one. For two mains reasons: it is the host of the next CAN and their team is not very well organized, a really interesting challenge if we can achieve a good competition.


Exactly, a good competition, what does it mean for you, knowing that it is your team first participation to this continental meeting?

It is true that we are starting from nothing and all shall be made. We have one year, at the same time very short and long enough when talking about a game project. The aim is to build a strong team, hard to play and able to reach the others.

And possibly win this trophy, missing in your great career?

CAN… we were near the victory with Côte d’Ivoire in 2006. But here it is another challenge, but also difficult to take up. But I believe in the team potential. I attended a friendly match days ago and notice the gaps but also possibilities. Certainly, I don’t know yet the squad, players I could rely on, whether they evolve in Equatorial Guinea or abroad, but as far as I am concerned, we will accomplish our mission if we won the qualification for the second round.

You mentioned the local level. Will you attend the CHAN in February?

I do not know yet. First, I must go to Guinea at the end of the week and there we will draw our schedule for the coming year.

 By Joseph Djomo

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