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Equatorial Guinean Diplomats in China

posted by – November 21st, 2013


Employees from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Equatorial Guinea are attending training courses on public diplomacy at the China Foreign Affairs University in Beijing.

They spoke with CRI’s reporters about their experiences in China on 20 November.

With China now the biggest investor in Equatorial Guinea, taking over half of their market shares, they believe these courses will enable them to better understand China’s oversea investments and Africa-related policies.

This, they said, will promote communication and cooperation in financial, economic, cultural and diplomatic sectors between the two countries. They now also have also the opportunity to learn about Chinese cultures, especially concerning the ethnic minorities policies of the government. They hope to introduce Chinese culture to the Equatorial Guinean people after returning to their home country.

The courses on public diplomacy were established in 1996 at the China Foreign Affairs University. The university started off with around 20 students enrolled, holding one semester a year. The number has climbed to over 300 and dozens of semesters a year.

The training, including lectures and site visits, provides a platform for diplomats from developing countries to access China’s policies and cultures, the university said.