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The commemoration events of the African Women’s Day have once again reminded us all of the important developments that women are making, day after day, in our society. There are many women who shine today in the society of Equatorial Guinea.
Until recently you could only see the women in Equatorial Guinea immersed in household duties. However, today we see that our possibilities are becoming greater, in a process in which we leave ignorance behind and proceeded intelligently.
Our presence can already be seen and heard in all areas, because the Equatorial Guinean woman stands out wonderfully in sports, administration, culture, in the best jobs,  in large offices, fashion, design, and, of course, in agriculture, among other major relevant activities.

Women such as the First Lady, Constancia Mangue de Obiang, and the Minister of Social Affairs and Promotion of Women, Eulalia Envo Bela, are two examples that, day after day, fight to empower women, to encourage them to work in our society to enhance self-esteem and help and to participate in the development of our country.

But they are not the only ones: today, young and mature women excel in all sectors. Another reference is the Secretary of State at the Department of Culture, Guillermina Mokuy Mba, also author of several books, who has contributed to making women’s presence stand out for their great deeds. Guillermina Mokuy cares about the history of women in Equatorial Guinea, giving talks, lectures, aimed at younger women, so they can open their minds and share their talents.

Another of our most important intellectual personalities is Trinidad Morgades Besar, writer and, for years, Vice Chancellor of the University of Equatorial Guinea. The first woman that graduated in the country is precisely an example of the capabilities that a woman can demonstrate.

Any initiative that seeks to reach women is positive, hence, we can remind our artists, such as singer Piruchi, who since from her youth until today, is still struggling in the music world in the midst of many difficulties, in her we can find a powerful woman, courageous and willful to the end.

And, of course, we should especially mention the young female soccer players of the Nzalang who have become the focus of the entire country, demonstrating how women can achieve goals also in the field of sport, because our goal must be to continue dreaming every day with more enthusiasm.

We can talk about these famous women, but also of the thousands of women that are powerful and anonymous who make up our society, because all women in Equatorial Guinea can go far, the examples mentioned show that Guinean women are versatile and capable.

As has been repeated in these days of commemoration of the African Women’s Day, through the impetus given to  women by the President of the Republic, H.E. Obiang Nguema Mbasogo and the First Lady, Constancia Mangue, in Equatorial Guinea today we can speak of equal opportunities for men and women.

Text: Sarilusi Tarifa King.

Photos: Archive.

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