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Equatorial Guinea to import agricultural products from Malawi

posted by – February 25th, 2013

In her efforts to spin around the economy of her country, Malawi has appealed to Equatorial Guinea to consider importing some agricultural products from Malawi. The request was forwarded by Malawi’s Head of State Dr. Joyce Banda to her Equatorial Guinea counterpart Teodoro Obiang Nguema Mbasogo after noting that although the coastal West African state is a rich country it has some deficit in agricultural products. “I told President Mbasogo to extend her caring to Malawi by allowing us to be exporting foods to his country which he said there is no problem,” the Southern African President said.

The Malawi leader who was speaking during a news conference fresh from an Africa-South America Summit in Malabo, Equatorial Guinea explained that the foods under the trade deal include tomato, cabbage, fresh beans and soya beans. Deal in the offing though, Malawi has some logistical hitches to overcome, for the deal to be duo-profit and sustainable, which the Malawi leader seem to be aware of. “If they say we will be coming every week to buy the foods do we have the capacity to supply them? And considering that we have no direct flights that can be ferrying our perishables straight to Equatorial Guinea, how would we go about it,” wondered the Malawi president.

The other area is to establish a one stop centre as observed by President Mbasogo, who pledged to send a delegation next month to look into the Nitti gritty of the trade deal that they need to be collecting the foods from one base. According to a communiqué read at the press briefing the Malawi President also had a chance to meet with leaders and representatives from Brazil, Bolivia, Seychelles, Angola, and Food and Agriculture Organization.

Back Saturday evening, the Malawi leader flew to Malabo, Equatorial Guinea Thursday morning, from a Summit meant to discuss on the cooperation between African and South American countries in the fields of infrastructure, energy, agriculture and sustainable development.

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