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Equatorial Guinea: The Green Revolution

An important and special thing is happening in Equatorial Guinea.

And soon the country will reach an unprecedented level of self-sufficiency in food production, using revenue from its oil sector, because of a bold approach to revamping driven by Minister of State, Minister of Agriculture and Forests H.E. Teodoro NGUEMA OBIANG MANGUE

The initiative has come to be known as The Green Revolution, and it is borne out of a three-step assessment of the E.G.’s Food, Agriculture and Economic challenges and opportunities. President Obiang Nguema Mbasogo outline the vision in 2007, establishing that by 2020 the nation would be:

“If not a full-fledged developed country, at least an emerging country. This is our dream, and I assume it to also be that of all our compatriots, as it is in the benefit of the whole population.”

Equatorial Guinea, situated in the Gulf of Guinea, is a country of 28,000 km2 with a population estimated at about 1.1 million inhabitants in 2007, projected to be around 1.23 million in 2009; and consists of several geographically distinct areas. As such, projected solutions must respect this diversity and be universally implementable, driving toward the four goals below:

  • reduce poverty through improved health, education and skills development;
  • foster environmentally friendly economic diversification including tourism,  and sustained broad-based growth;
  • develop agriculture, fishery and livestock, as the cornerstones of this diversification and lasting economic development;
  • build supporting infrastructure including information and communication technologies as well as the availability of potable water and sustainable electrical energy.

So the work has begun. You may find more detail about the specific programs that have been implemented (and are planned) by clicking here.

While the challenge is daunting and the goal is aggressive, success will mean reduced rural exodus due to increased opportunity in the country, as well as a reduction in food import and the improved living conditions and income that comes with being a more self-sufficient nation.

This is the dream of the leadership and the entire population. A dream they fully expect to see fulfilled.

Submitted by our correspondent in Houston, TX, USA

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