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BATA, Equatorial Guinea, Aug. 19, 2011 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ — Equatorial Guinea opened its first fish trading center in the nation’s continental region as part of an effort to ensure food security for the country’s population and to increase trade with neighboring countries.

“Opening the first fish trading center, in Bata, ensures food security to our citizens and moves us one step closer to achieving our development goals under the Horizon 2020 plan,” said Anastasio Asumu, Minister of Fisheries and Environment.

The fish-trading center, built by General Work, has modern facilities. The production and fish-conservation rooms, consisting of some 100 m² with capacity for 20 tons of stock, are the center’s main spaces. The center also contains administrative offices of 250 m², consisting of five offices and a meeting room.

The fish-trading center also has ice-making equipment producing three tons of ice daily, two refrigerated trucks with five tons of capacity, two generators, and a series of artisanal fishing materials.

The new fish-trading center, which is funded by the government, is the latest completed project in the country’s efforts to ensure food security for the population, which is one of the development goals established by President Obiang in his ambitious Horizon 2020 program. President Obiang has made food security a central goal to drive the country to become an emergent and sustainable economy by 2020.

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