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Equatorial Guinea at the opening of London 2012

posted by – July 30th, 2012

The exceptional opening ceremony of the Olympics this year has been one of the best editions held until now. The secret kept by the organizing committee, LOCOB, was unveiled on Friday night. The Equatorial Guinean Olympic team also participated in this parade of stars.


The ceremony took place amid extreme security measures, as they estimated some 19,000 security personnel, between police and military, participated, measures never used by Great Britain after World War II. The party was big, very big, and 10,000 artists prepared by the filmmaker Danny Boyle, artistic director of the ceremony, gave it their best.

The nearly three-hour show, divided into several blocks, was deployed in a space that represented a natural farm -planted in the middle of the playing field- which symbolized the spirit of innovation and the need to build a better world, true freedom, equality and prosperity, with a popular culture.

Then followed messages from the United Nations Secretary General, Ban Ki-moon; from the President of the organizing committee, Sebastian Coe, and the president of the International Olympic Committee (IOC) Dr. Jacques Rogge. They all left the sport players with the feeling that victory is not as important as participating.

Immediately afterwards, Queen Elizabeth II inaugurated the 2012 London Olympics. Amid applauses and cheers, in the colorful Olympic stadium in London, the 80,000 people attending received the Olympic torch, which arrived triumphantly at the sports complex after traveling 20,690 kilometers.

Bibiana Martina Olama, an athlete competing in the heptathlon, has been, on this occasion, the Equatorial Guinean flag bearer, replacing Emilia Mikue, who carried the torch in 2008 to Beijing. Along with her in the parade was the second team member, Benjamin Manuel Ensema.

Moreover, in the box were the Vice Minister of Youth and Sports, who is also President of the National Olympic Committee, Manuel Asumu Cawan, with the Secretary of State for Sports, Ruslan Obiang Nsue.


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