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Equatorial Guinea Ministry of Finance will organize a conference on economic diversification

published by – July 9th, 2013

In the process undertaken by our country’s Government with the aim of achieving economic diversification necessary to reduce the current financial dependence on oil production, the Ministry of Finance and Budgets is organizing a Symposium on the Economic Diversification of Equatorial Guinea. The meeting will be held at the Sipopo Conference Center, and will involve mainly members of the Government and experts in economy from national and international institutions and companies.

For the organization of the event, a joint committee has been created, in which the Ministry of Mines, Industry and Energy also takes part, collaborating in its organization, and other departments will also be represented. Furthermore, the World Bank is working with the Ministry of Finance in the development of the event, as well as other major international organizations.

The meeting aims to analyze the current situation for investment in Equatorial Guinea, and show the many alternatives offered by our country in different fields that are currently untapped. That is why the conference will be primarily aimed at representatives of international companies from very different fields. The World Bank has submitted to the Ministry of Finance a long list of companies specializing in growing sectors, such as agriculture, fishing and petrochemicals, to which invitations are already being sent.

Under the name of Symposium on the Economic Diversification of Equatorial Guinea, the Ministry of Finance is preparing this meeting, directed mostly at international investors, was originally scheduled to be held later this month in the Sipopo Conference Center on July 30th & 31st.  The projected dates for this conference are now slated for November.

Moreover, the conference organized by the Ministry has already established a website to handle invitations and tickets, which can be accessed via this link: