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Equatorial Guinea LNG operates at 97.2ptc of capacity in Q3 2011 – posted by

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According to the US Marathon Oil Corporation, operations rate of the plant at Equatorial Guinea LNG Project was 97.2% of capacity in the third quarter of 2011, for which the company serves as an operator. The plant has produced 3.4 million tonnes per year of LNG, all of which UK’s BG has purchased.

Besides Equatorial Guinea LNG Project, Marathon Oil had 30% interest in Alaska LNG Project. However, the company sold all its interest to the US ConocoPhillips, which was the partner of Marathon oil in Alaska LNG Project.

During the period, Marathon Oil sold daily 6,935 tonnes of LNG, down by 207 tonnes or 2.9% from the corresponding period of the previous year. However, Marathon Oil’s integrated gas segment income reached USD 55 million with an increase of USD 14 million or 34.1% from the same period of the preceding year, which includes the gain on the sale of its interest in the Alaska LNG production facility.

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