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Ehate Tomi visits Bata and Corisco

posted by – December 3rd, 2013


Vicente Ehate Tomi concludes his national tour in the continental part visiting the city of Bata and the island of Corisco. This visit to the provincial capitals serves to learn of the population’s needs, convey the message of the Head of State, H.E. Obiang Nguema Mbasogo, and inspect the works that the Government is undertaking throughout the country.

In his meeting with the town of Bata, in the Conference Center of Ngolo, Ehate Tomi transmitted to those present of the recommendation of the President of the Government to preserve peace and his congratulations for the success of the Democratic Party of Equatorial Guinea (PDGE) in the past elections.

During his visit to Corisco, accompanied by the Delegate Minister of the Internal Affairs and Local Corporations, Leocadio Ndong MoƱung, was received by the authorities of the island led by the mayor, the Delegate of Corisco, members of the Government and native deputies, as well as the population in general.

Before addressing the inhabitants, Ehate Tomi visited the tomb of King Santiago Uganda, Father of the Independence who died in 1960, whom he honored by placing wreaths at his grave. In addition to transmitting the message sent by the Head of State, he also referred to the importance of the island as a tourist destination.