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Construction completed on Gabon Nations Cup stadiums – Posted by Equatorial Guinea Online –

Posted by Equatorial Guinea Online –

Koumba said the two host countries expected around 60,000 visitors during the tournament.


“There are 4,500 beds in Libreville and 2,000 in Franceville, but that doesn’t include hotels that were constructed especially for personnel and athletes,” he said.

Koumba said local people would also help to fill a shortfall in accommodation and help foreigners in need of a bed.

“Gabon has a tradition of hospitality and peace and welcomes fans. The African people have a tradition of inviting and hosting people in their homes,” he said.

Reuters journalists have reported difficulties booking hotel rooms or apartments.

Another irritant for travelling fans has been the availability of visas. Koumba said special 45-day visas would be available from Monday for African Nations Cup visitors from Gabonese and Equatorial Guinea embassies.

“If the supporters are unable to get to an embassy, they can access the visa at the airport in Gabon,” Koumba said.

The ministry of interior, Koumba said, rounded up all the airline companies flying to Gabon and instructed them to allow passengers to fly to Gabon without a visa, though the fans will have to present the right documents on arrival to be granted entry.

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