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China investing in African tropical fruit production – Equatorial Guinea

posted by – September 3rd, 2012


Even though only a small portion of China experiences tropical conditions, the technology of the country may be used to produce tropical fruit in Africa.
China is ready to supply its fruit production technology to the continent’s tropical zone, including Mauritius, Equatorial Guinea and Mali.
China is Africa’s largest trade partner and the continent’s top source of foreign investment and agricultural technology.
Officials said China has set up 25 agricultural demonstration centres and trained over 4,000 agricultural technicians in Africa since 2006.
“This shows that the model for China’s African aid is changing,” said He Wenping, a researcher on African studies at the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences (CASS).
He says that, instead of simply creating infrastructure, China is helping Africa develop its own talent pools.
The Chinese government has said it will launch the “African Talents Program” to train 30,000 personnel in various sectors, as well as offer 18,000 scholarships and build training facilities in Africa, within three years.

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