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Ceiba Intercontinental will incorporate three Boeing 737s

posted by – April 17th, 2013

This was announced by the airline representative of Equatorial Guinea in Spain, Gerardo Manzano, four days after the successful opening of the office in Madrid, attended by the Minister of Information, Press and Radio, Agustin Nze Nfumu, representing H.E. Obiang Mbasogo Nguama.

In response to questions of, Gerardo Manzano said that Ceiba Intercontinental’s project is to include new units to its fleet, revealing that the airline “intends to incorporate, in less than a year, three Boeing 737 units. An ultramodern, although smaller, plane.

Manzano said Ceiba’s directors are also working on searching for more 777 units, whose inclusion will lead directly to the real and efficient implementation of new routes.

The representative of Ceiba Intercontinental in Madrid expressed his hope that the company will gain market share, better positioning and improve the service provided to passengers and refine little details.

Manzano, who described the start of Ceiba in the Spanish market as “remarkable“, added that in Ceiba “we intend to serve the traffic demand that has existed for a long time, and so far was only being covered by Iberia. We would like to grow along with our passengers, whether they are Equatorial Guineans, Spaniards or from any other part of Europe or the world, offering a differentiated service with magnificent planes and superb on board service, with a team of highly qualified and professional people who are keen on the satisfaction of our passengers and customers.”