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Caf satisfied with preparations


Caf’s inspection

mission has declared its satisfaction with the pace of work going on in Gabon and Equatorial Guinea ahead of the 2012 African Cup of Nations.

The team, led by Guinean-born Almamy Kabélé Camara, visited the Gabonese capital Libreville last week and toured different sites within the city and in Franceville, Moanda, Ngouoni and Bongoville.

Sites visited included the Sino-Gabonese stadium at Angondjé, training stadiums, the Caf village, the Laiico and Méridien hotels, as well as different hospitals and mobile health centres.

“We are happy with the progress of work ahead of the 2012 Afcon,” Camara told reporters at the end of the visit. “We visited sport, medical, rail, road and hotel infrastructure in Libreville and Franceville. Following our observation, we can say that there is a clear readiness for the showpiece at all the sites. At this rate, we are convinced that the work will be completed in the next three months,” he said.

The team, however, deplored the low Internet bandwidth in Gabon and urged authorities to boost it before the competition, which kicks-off on January 21.

Observation from sites in neighbouring Equatorial Guinea also showed a satisfactory progress, according to the Caf mission

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