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2012 AFCON T.V documentary series to hit the screens – Posted by Equatorial Guinea Online –

Posted by Equatorial Guinea Online –

Moses Foh-Amoaning

To celebrate the 2012 African Cup of Nations (AFCON) football tournament schedules to take place in Gabon and Equatorial Guinea from January 21st 2012, MOFA Productions is offering Ghanaian television viewers the most exciting and educative countdown series to AFCON 2012.

The 13-part, 30 minutes action-packed documentary series is sure to keep television viewers glued to their sets with a unique and tantalizing blend of stimulating expert panel discussions, gripping and interactive segments laces with timeless archival footages of African Cup of Nations history that span over 55 years.

The programme will be hosted by Moses Foh-Amoaning the ace Television Presenter which will have the following:

BLAZING THE AFCON TRAIL 1955-2012; 10-15 minutes serialized documentary on the exciting and titillating history of the AFCON over the last 55 years.

LEGENDS; Frills and thrills of the AFCON have always been provided by the sheer individual brilliance of football’s hail of famers like Roger Millas, Polos, Osei Kofis, etc.

TOP 200 AFCON GOALS; This segment will encompass a serialized five minutes clip of the 200 eye-catching goals of the AFCON over 55 years. A team of experts would pick out the top 10 goals of all times.

ROAD TO AFCON 2012; This story of how all the 16 countries qualified to be in Gabon/Equatorial Guinea 2012 is told with well packaged film footage with excellent graphics.

FROM THE RESEARCHER’S NOTE BOOK; Though provoking, anecdotes of the history of AFCON reviewed by the presenter in his unique style, other segments of the show are: facts file, fan zone and special African soccer fiesta 2012.

The programme will be telecast on Metro TV on Wednesdays 8:30pm, Saturdays 2:00pm, and Sundays 2:30pm each day from the 24th December, 2011 to 20th January, 2012. The programme is being sponsored by Cadbury Tomtom, Techno phones, LG, and Guiness, while its media partners are The Chronicle, the Globe,  Crusading Guide, among others.

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