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Young Equatorial Guineans claiming interferences in the affairs of their country

posted by – August 6th, 2012


Through a statement and in completely independent manner, this group has published a manifesto in social networks against the interference in the internal affairs of Equatorial Guinea.


Here we publish the entire text of this statement:

We, Manuel Ganso, Delfin Mocache and Aristide Tela Mevian Miaga once again denounce the manipulation carried out by Spaniards regarding the interferences in the internal affairs of Equatorial Guinea, and, therefore, we urge all political actors in our country to not accept any negotiation with the Platform called CEIBA for the following reason: the platform-political party CEIBA was created by two European citizens, Yolanda Aixela (Spanish) and Ana Lucia Sá (Portuguese) on behalf of the writer Juan Tomas Avila Laurel; these European citizens are also those administering the electronic forum “SUPPORT JUAN TOMAS AVILA LAUREL”.

Indeed, on Wednesday, July 18, 2012, the leader and spokesperson for the cult group for the person of Juan Tomas Avila Laurel (SECT) published on the Internet the creation of the CATHEDRAL of his sect, based in Barcelona. In fact, in several online forums you can see the presentation of the political party-platform CEIBA in Barcelona, with a large presence of Spaniards. But we were surprised when we read what this party had published. It was the following:

1.  The permanent members (Yolanda Aixela and Ana Lucia Sá) of this group called “SUPPORT JUAN TOMAS AVILA LAUREL” (APOYO A JUAN TOMAS AVILA LAUREL), which pays permanent tribute to the mentioned writer, now a politician, commented on the publication made on the the Facebook page of this group regarding the presentation of his political party-platform.

2. The comment of a young Spanish woman named Silvia Gonzales-not a permanent member of this group, although it seems that now she is related to the various CEIBA founders- confirms the reality that most of the time it is Westerners who comment on this electronic forum, camouflaging themselves with African names (especially from Equatorial Guinea). The purposes of this woman leave a great deal to be desired, apart from being pitiful. Indeed, she conveys in her commentary congratulations to the various FOUNDERS OF THE CEIBA PLATFORM, which is estimable. But what is most curious, we insist, is that this message of congratulations goes against the following co-founders:

1.                   Yolanda Aixela

2.                   Ana Lucia Sá

3.                   Juan Tomas Avila Laurel

The congratulatory message published (in Spanish) in these people’s forum was as follows:

“I congratulate the initiative. Kisses to Ana, Juan, Yolanda, and my affectionate greetings to the other members of the Platform”.

This is the text of the commentary of the woman in the sect or cult group for the person of Juan Tomas Avila Laurel. It attaches priority to the three PERFECTIONS and a simple greeting to other “intellectuals“.

Some may ask where is the problem in this comment; to them we say that there is no problem, except that Juan Tomas Ávila Laurel, Ramon Esono Ebale (“Nse Ramon”, son of the minister of Equatorial Guinea, who has full immunity), CEIBA and the other members of this order have always denied being under the orders of different NGOs, governments and physical individuals of the West: Yolanda Aixela, Ana Lucia Sá and Adolfo Fernando Marugan, among others. And this comment from members of the SECT, who have their corresponding duties, confirms the submission of these “monkeys” (according to the article published by the great sage Nse Ramon, who calls his compatriots monkeys, to please his multiple SPONSORS).

Manuel Ganso, Delfin Mocache and Aristide Tela Mevian Miaga, authors of this statement, defend a fight different from what we usually see in the various Western media regarding the political changes in countries such as Egypt, Syria, Libya, Iraq or even Ivory Coast, whose sole aim was to destabilize these countries and manipulate information through its mass media, not for peaceful purposes, but for economic purposes.

WE DO NOT ACCEPT ANY POLITICAL INTERFERENCE FROM WESTERN COUNTRIES IN THE POLITICAL AFFAIRS OF OUR COUNTRY. We will take care of the future of Equatorial Guinea ourselves, the children of Guinea.

We want to remind the national and international community that the purpose of these gangsters, political enthusiasts and professionals of ridicule, is to establish a FEDERAL STATE. However, the notion of Federal State refers to a tribalist state where each region is self-administered under the direction of a tribal leader. Therefore, FEDERAL STATE = TRIBAL STATE, in which individuals such as Juan Tomas Avila Laurel want to be PRESIDENTS AND LEADERS OF THE REGION OF ANNOBON.

If the platform-political party CEIBA, persists in and is willing to consider itself as a political party in Equatorial Guinea; we request our government and all other political actors recognized as such not to negotiate with this group of mobsters, since CEIBA was created by the will of two Europeans: the Spaniard Yolanda Aixela and the Portuguese Ana Lucia Sá. We advise them to concern themselves with the problems of the economic crisis, of the foreign debts and other matters in their respective countries. However, since we share the democratic ideals and values, we accept that our government negotiates with the institutionas a Spanish political party and, therefore, not as a political party belonging to Equatorial Guinea.

We also insist on reminding that the authors of this statement, which we are, and the online newspaper Africanaone, have been expelled from the writer’s Facebook group for having positioned ourselves against the common opinion shared by most of its participants.

We attach all the evidence of the comments that we have mentioned above:

Ana Lucia Sa: “The primary objective of CEIBA, recently established in Barcelona, is to work to start a political transition that will set the foundations of the rule of law and the aspirations of the people and citizens of our country”, said Ana Lucia, as a member of the platform. “CEIBA was created by Equatorial Guinean citizens of different ethnicities and political ideologies. The eight signatories that advocate a federal, democratic and social rights State are: Juan Tomas Avila Laurel, Vicente Mabale Ituka, Honorato Maho, Daniel Dario Martinez Ayecaba, Wilwardo M’bande Naluanga, Jose Luis Nvumba Mañana, Humberto Riochi and Fameyong Salet”.


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