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Valentine’s Day in Equatorial Guinea

posted by – February 15th, 2012

In Equatorial Guinea, as in many parts of the world, they also celebrated Valentine’s Day on February 14. Our reporters took to the streets of Malabo to see how the citizens celebrated Valentine’s Day.



Valentine’s Day is traditionally celebrated in much of the world and on February 14, many lovers surprise their partners with a gift, a bouquet of flowers or a romantic dinner. Our country is no exception and for that reason, took to the streets of the capital to see how our fellow citizens live this day.

At the beginning of our journey we arrived at the studios of Equatorial Guinea’s National Radio, where Luis Edu Nchama was doing a radio special for Valentine’s day. A program dedicated to lovers with great success in audience, in which listeners told of their own experiences.

Although this is traditionally a holiday dedicated to romantic love, some people extend that feeling to their loved ones. Among them, Sonia Araceli Abaga, for whom Valentine’s Day is also a family party, and therefore, she had received greetings from her parents and her brothers. Venancio Cami Mokata also believes that Valentine’s Day is above all a day of reunion between loved ones. In particular, because now Venancio is not in love, but does not dismiss the possibility of it happening soon.

Before the end of our journey through the streets of Malabo, we surprised Valentin Ela Ndong with a gift. Valentin is fortunate to have the name of the saint of lovers, but he is especially fortunate because, as he told us, he is still as much in love with his wife as when he married her in 2007. And that love, on Valentine’s Day, also invades the streets of Malabo, as in the rest of the world.

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